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Linxed is the first blockchain-powered social platform that allows you safely track, record and verify student achievements. Create a family profile and share your milestones with friends and family.

Build your child's student portfolio and connect with with professional educators, schools and organisations.

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Create a family profile

  • Build a family profile on a safe and secure platform
  • Share life's best moments with friends and family
  • Link your profile with education professionals and schools
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Create a student e-portfolio

  • Privately record your children's attendance, goals and achievements throughout their learning journey
  • Includes all academic & extra curricular activities such as health & fitness, languages, music, arts & creative fields
  • Add learning goals & milestones, and enable teachers to provide their live comments on progress & performance
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Discover and link with educators

  • Search for educators based on subject, location and rating
  • Find the right people to meet your learning needs
  • Rate education professionals and provide endorsements

Link and share with schools

  • Link your family profile and student portfolio with schools
  • Showcase your children's learning milestones
  • Qualify for sponsorship and scholarship programmes
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